happy “donald trump indictment day” (to those who celebrate)

i wrote a song for this unprecedented day

for those who may, or may not know, after earning my diploma in broadcast journalism in 2015, i applied and was hired for a local news station and started the first week of january 2016. little did i know all of the landmark news items i would be working through and handling.

the entire trump/clinton campaign was an absolute complete circus. totally bananas. every day i came in it was “oh lord, what did he say this time” and have to be confronted with some boneheaded remarks from the man who is vying for, arguably, the most powerful position of the entire planet. and it didn’t just stop there.

trump being arraigned on april 4, 2023

got to work through the charleston march rally thing where everyone lost their minds and some moron decided running over demonstrators was the appropriate action to take. i do recall getting in a disagreement with my co-worker because when he said there were fine people on both sides, she felt like the only fine people were the counter-protestors, i said “well, from my vantage point, anyone who came to the the town from out of town, regardless of their political view, is a complete and abject idiot. they should *all* be at home watching tv and enjoying time with their families instead of wasting time doing this stupid march, or protesting this stupid march” she did not necessarily agree.

but the real insanity kicked off with abysmal handling of covid, and his bid for reelection, and ultimately his loss. i will go on the record by stating i genuinely feel like his handling of covid was truly his undoing. because i think a lot of independents would have given him another chance if he had even attempted to take it even slightly seriously. all he had to do, *all* he had to do, was not hold rallies, wear a mask anytime he is shown on tv, stress the importance of social distancing and such, just basically echo all the things the doctors had been saying, and i feel it would have been a slam dunk. because the independents just wanted to see the optics that he was trying and making an effort. but from the outside looking in, all you saw was a man who was vehemently convinced the whole thing was a hoax to begin with, and then spent his entire campaign playing down a situation that was killing thousands by the day. so hindsight being 20/20 if he had matched the same energy that his opponent had, he probably would have won.

trump being arraigned on april 4, 2023

but even though working through a pandemic was unprecedented with most of the office working from home, and reporters doing live hits from their living rooms; nothing was as “once in a lifetime” as january 6th, and covering thousands of geeks storming the capitol because they couldn’t fathom the fact that the catastrophic failure their guy had at handling the pandemic was what earned him a loss in the election. it had to be fraud. it had to be stolen. and people died because of their sheer idiocy.

and then came the unprecedented, once in a lifetime, and maybe once in a nation, second impeachment hearing. our president was impeached twice. never in the history of this country has a president been so insanely incompetent to be impeached twice, and probably never again. whats even more wild is i was actually *in* washington dc the day of the final impeachment vote. i contacted representatives to see if there was any way to be let into the galley, and no one responded to any requests. guess they were busy. but i’ll never forget that weekend because the night before he held his state of the union address, and i had gone out for pizza, and his motorcade literally passed me in the car at an intersection, as he was leaving the capital.

trump being arraigned on april 4, 2023

and then that leaves us to the most recent unprecedented event which is the indictment and arraignment of a us president. so once again i will go to work tonight, and comb through video of an event that has never happened in the history of this nation, as we all come to terms with what this means, and how this will shape future politics. i see that he is already hocking t-shirts for fundraising. please do not send this man any money. there are legitimate hurting people in our communities from hunger, to drug use, to domestic abuse, etc. instead, please donate the money to local organizations who could use that money far more than mr. trump to enact real help for those around us.