i only listen to albums…

i just finished watching a live stream of alexa bliss and her husband ryan, as they were raising money for a charity. they had some musician friends on to play, and ryan also played some songs as well. i have never heard any of his music before, but for a first impression, his stuff is actually pretty decent. his vocal style is *very* close to that of dan haseltine from jars of clay. i’ve always really liked dan’s vocals, so ryan was also as equally enjoyable.

after that i had such a hankering to listen to the first jars of clay record. i have a lot of nostalgia for this album. not because it was an album i owned, but my sister owned it. i want to say she got it for either christmas or her birthday in 95, the year of it’s release. i do recall grabbing it a few times and listening in my room, but i also remember her listening to it in her room and going in there and laying on her bed and thumbing through the booklet. as a side note, that was easily the best christmas i have ever had. i have *so much* nostalgia of christmas 95. it was just a perfect christmas. once the dust was settled and all was said and done, she and i came away with 10 cds all together from that christmas, and i listened to each voraciously.

this jars of clay record though just takes me back to simpler times…. back to playgrounds, and sega, and math homework, and youth group, etc. i started youth group the fall of 95 because you had to be in the 6th grade. i remember being pretty amped cause of the girls. lol there was one girl in particular. i want to say her name was brandy? andi? i think it was brandy. she was pretty hot. brown doc martins, lucky jeans the fit her like a glove, braided belt, mossimo shirt, and her hair was brown and about armpit length. i mean.. you get it. the stereotypical mid 90s “shops at the brass buckle” type of girl. a lot of times she would take up the offering each week, so i tried to get an aisle seat 🙂 i’m almost certain she had to be my sister’s age, and with that i know for a fact we never shared one single word. i just thought she was hot.

oklahoma gymnastics academy, muskogee, ok.

these albums take me back to those types of memories. riding in the car with mom and sis on her way to cheerleading practice at 9am. we get to the gym and there’s still dew on the grass. mom and sis go in, i just stay in the car and listen to cds. this is the summer of 96. after i had already discovered tooth and nail records. i have very vivid memories of listening to plankeye ‘the spark’ album in the car one morning while they were inside. anytime i listen to that album i get distinct memories of being in that parking lot. just enjoying the music.

mom and dad both listened to full albums most of the time. they rarely listened to the radio. in the 80s they always played tapes. in the early 90s when they got a cd player installed in the car they just listened to cds. there’s something special about putting in a cd or record or tape or whatever, and just letting it play, and finding enjoyment from each track. there’s a very real and special connection to the full album you can make, that to me just can’t be beat with a playlist or shuffle or whatever. i’d like to say because of their listening habits is how i listen as well. they were *always* playing cds or records in the living room on sunday morning. and dad would just put on albums every now and again just to listen to. i’m glad they weren’t the type who just listened to the radio, and just took whatever a dj told them was serviceable. because i probably wouldnt have the same listening tastes today.

tl;dr: i only listen to full albums…

so ronnie martin just released a new record…

it’s been years since i’ve gotten a release from ronnie martin on release date (the last one was the covers album from 2009.) i missed the 2012 kickstarter because it was just a bad time for me financially, and i hadn’t made the effort to purchase any of the said fantasy stuff, instead relying on streaming for those selections. so when ronnie’s new record “from the womb of the morning the dew of your youth will be yours” was announced last year, i was immediately on board.

(C) 2022 Velvet Blue Music

set to release on january 28th, 2022, you can only imagine my surprise and joy when the mailman left a record shaped parcel on the doorstep this morning. after listening a few times, i have to say that anything he releases, to me, just fits like a glove. his music is like coming home on holidays and being able to once again indulge in grandma’s pumpkin pie. it just feels right.

now that’s not to say that he is retreading old ground here, quite the contrary. there are fully arranged percussion, which i’ve never heard that before in his work. and from images showing his workshop on social media, he is using a pc, with i’m assuming is protools. which is a hard deviation from the joy electric material. but regardless of the circumstances of the recording, it still feels patently ronnie martin.

"adrift on the brink of a shivery winter rink
foxes flee in spades
low glance undressed, mysteries woeful, unconfessed
You might hear the means of a melody
that will tease the seams of threads unwoven"
-Snow Like Wool

that is instantly made clear when you hear the lyrics, which to me takes elements from what he was doing on the otherly opus, the white songbook, and we are the music makers and pushing those ideas even further in new directions. the record definitely has a familiar feel to it at moments when you feel like there’s a subtle callback to these eras, but also so much of the record is brand new ground technically and from a production standpoint.

Ronnie Martin – There Go the Ships, And Leviathan

for this record he used a moog one polyphonic synthesizer, a moog dfam, moog mother-32, moog minitaur, among various moogerfooger and other effects pedals. which is quite a detraction from the legacy series where the entire record was made with a roland system 100, or a minimoog voyager. He took what he started with dwarf mountain of having lush chords and what not beneath the music and taking it a step further in this release. the tracks definitely sound much fuller, and its nice to be able to finally hear that in his work. i can not overstate how cool it is to hear such definite percussion and drums on these tracks. i was never a fan of him insisting on using live drummers at shows back in the day, but this on the other hand, is exactly what the dr. ordered.

the record comes in with 7 tracks clocking in at just over 30 minutes of playtime. it’s a very easy listen, as it doesn’t require as much of your time as, say white song book. for that it makes it easier to listen to with commutes to work, as i prefer to listen to an entire album in my commute, which is about 15 minutes each way. so this record is perfect in that regard.

‘from the womb of the morning, the dew of your youth will be yours’ is available on January 28, 2022 at all major streaming platforms, and is also available in physical format from velvet blue music on vinyl, audio cassette, and compact disc (as of the time of this publishing.)


music that changed my life

it was summer of 1999, i was getting my driving learner’s permit, and songs from the penalty box was a compilation franchise i had already grown highly attached to with vol. 1 in 97, and vol. 2 in 98, so naturally when vol. 3 was announced for the summer of 1999, i had to be there. my sister and i went to tulsa to pick it up i would assumed if not release date, at least release week.

the very first track completely blew my mind. now i knew that HUNTINGTONS were releasing a new record, of new material, they released a live record that feb, and a ramones cover record that april, but we hadnt heard brand new material since may of 1998 when High School Rock dropped. Once the opening riff for American War machine hit, i knew that we were in a whole new era.

Track 3 was a demo of new material that squad five o had been working on… i had heard on internet forums they were changing their sound, i was not prepared for this. i was not ready for this. this track… completely changed the trajectory of my entire summer.

Squad Five-0 “Apocalyspe Now”

The final track was “i’m not going downtown” by HUNTINGTONS and that was an entirely new level of aggression i had not heard from them before. once the cd was said and done… saying i was entering uncharted territory musically is an understatement. up to this point, my wardrobe had consisted of jnco’s, kikwear, xl band shirts, colored hair, plaid suits, dog collars, etc, because that was the look i had really settled into in 8th grade, and for 9th grade it just went a little further deeper into that look. there was no rhyme or reason to this.

after picking up the pieces of my sanity, the rest of that summer was an immediate shift in my look… plaid pants? gone. hawaiin shirts? gone. jncos? gone. shorts? gone. cause shorts aren’t rock n roll. dog collar and bracelets? gone. super long wallet chain? gone. colored shoes? gone. basically over the month of july i started to distill my appearance to the absolute most basic. black jeans. black converse. black band shirts. and that fall a black leather jacket. i went from wearing XL shirts in 9th grade, to wearing S shirts in 10th grade.

(c) 1999, Tooth & Nail Records

this compilation just changed how i processed what made punk rock, rock. up to that point i just hadnt really been exposed to this style of punk before, mostly because it was really just starting to come up. from here i started getting into RAMONES, sex pistols, misfits, the classics, then thanks to squad i started expanding more into the hair metal with motley crue, poison, ratt, etc. this simple dumb $6 compilation just opened so many doors at a time when i really was needing a change. jr high had been rough, 9th grade was mostly rough, i just needed to reinvent myself in a way that was more mature, and would lend more seriousness to my appearance because i was going into 10th grade, i was getting a driver’s license, i was getting a job, it was time to grow up.

HUNTINGTONS “American War Machine”

to this day, every time i hear “american war machine” i am instantly transported back to my bedroom, where i’m just bagging up armloads of clothes, stripping everything down, and reinventing myself. god bless the 90s.


How to Unlike Tweets by Users Who Have Since Blocked You…

we’ve all been there… either a heated discussion, or maybe you went over the line and said something on your own that an online acquaintance didn’t agree with, but the results can be scathing. The block. out of nowhere, with no warning, you haven’t heard from them in a few days so you go to their page, only to be met with a message that essentially says “i’m taking my ball and going home”

after you gain your composure, you remember “wait, i’ve liked their tweets. i’ve retweeted their tweets, i don’t want a permanent link to them hanging on my page for all the world to see” so you go to your likes and retweets to remove these, only to find out they are no longer visible. well, of course not. you’re blocked. so what do we do? how to we break this forever bond between 2 scorned lovers?

the answer lies in a free app in the mobile app store called circleboom. simply download the app, register an account, link to your twitter account, then once in the app at the bottom there is a button for “my tweets,” after selecting that you would choose “unlike” at the top of the screen, and then you can just scroll through and swipe left on the tweets you want to remove. the beauty of circleboom is it even shows retweet and likes from users who have blocked you, so you can easily remove the constant reminder of them from your page. brilliant!


sooooo tired…

ah well. last night we watched “the tape” and did a feature length audio commentary of “the pimpin’ crew” hah. it was great. and then dave came by to give us a pizza. and so we got the pizza guy in on the action. so yeah. what elllsseeee… i dunno. can’t think of much else. the tension is tightening for the new Starflyer album. we have some pee-on in the JE message board saying he bought one today… i dunnoooo… but he says its excellent. 🙂 hmmm. dunno anything else. bleh.

“come on and be with me, i want your company.”

Hello, world….

ok this is my first post of hopefully MANY to come heres a few things you need to keep in mind…

a) yes i know my typing is bad….my spelling is great though =)

b) yes this first post is boring. think of it like the first few chapters of ANY novel…. pointless but they set it up. well thats about it actually =) ok yeah. first off so you’ll know what your dealing with heres some crap i like:

Xbox, Zombie Movies, my leather jacket, my car, Moog, the little amount of friends i have, and music.

What kind of music you ask? ALOT. im very versatile, heres a list of bands i prefer in no particular order:

Don’t Know, Huntingtons, Joy Electrical, Training For Utopia, Spitfire, *Nsync, Britney Spears, Danielson Family, Johnny Cash, Michelle Branch, Ramones, Luxury, Joe Christmas, Havalina Rail Co., White Trash Incorporated, Stryper, im too lazy to list them all but basically i liek ALOT of crap. from country, to pop, to metal, to punk, to synth pop. its all good. as long as i can pump my fist. 😛

Right now i just moved into an apartment with my cousin. We’re doing good so far. We need to keep up bills and all will be good. Basically all we do is watch dvds and play video games all day and night. its pretty redundant but im ok with that. moovviinngg on…. i normally go to the rock n roll show probably about 4 times a month? or more now that sandy bugs me evry week “go to this, go to that” and youd have to see this face, its too hard to say no to. since there are no shows in town i gotta C-O-M-M-U-T-E so since my car is a gas guzzler i only go to like the really necessary shows. I tell everyone i dont care about the local scene but i just say that to get reactions. WE do have some good bands around here. Muddy Chucks are good….Agony Scene f’in kick me in the groin. Electronic Church is great. And soon hopefully ill have an electronic thing going on too and FWTA will be up taking the stage. my goal with FWTA is to get signed to solid state and rock n roll a lil bit then put out a concept album….there will be a Joy Electrical cover on this album. We will all study modes of propaganda and through this album…and its supporting tour… every solid state fan and band will “mysteriously” buy all teh Joy Electrical cds they can find. itll be a feeding frenzy at the stores. crazy stuff. i hate musical barriers. so what he uses a keyboard and they sound liek they dont know how to play their instruments….its all music. Zao, Joy Electrical, its all rock n roll. so theres that. FWTA will start out as a noise band on the local scene and slowly mature and re-invent ourselves to be a pretty decent band i hope. that is if i can ever get to the point of not being scared and actually bring one of my ideas to fruitation =) never happens. oh well im out, The rest of the posts will be better. like that novel thing again or whatever =)