How to Unlike Tweets by Users Who Have Since Blocked You…

we’ve all been there… either a heated discussion, or maybe you went over the line and said something on your own that an online acquaintance didn’t agree with, but the results can be scathing. The block. out of nowhere, with no warning, you haven’t heard from them in a few days so you go to their page, only to be met with a message that essentially says “i’m taking my ball and going home”

after you gain your composure, you remember “wait, i’ve liked their tweets. i’ve retweeted their tweets, i don’t want a permanent link to them hanging on my page for all the world to see” so you go to your likes and retweets to remove these, only to find out they are no longer visible. well, of course not. you’re blocked. so what do we do? how to we break this forever bond between 2 scorned lovers?

the answer lies in a free app in the mobile app store called circleboom. simply download the app, register an account, link to your twitter account, then once in the app at the bottom there is a button for “my tweets,” after selecting that you would choose “unlike” at the top of the screen, and then you can just scroll through and swipe left on the tweets you want to remove. the beauty of circleboom is it even shows retweet and likes from users who have blocked you, so you can easily remove the constant reminder of them from your page. brilliant!