Hello, world….

ok this is my first post of hopefully MANY to come heres a few things you need to keep in mind…

a) yes i know my typing is bad….my spelling is great though =)

b) yes this first post is boring. think of it like the first few chapters of ANY novel…. pointless but they set it up. well thats about it actually =) ok yeah. first off so you’ll know what your dealing with heres some crap i like:

Xbox, Zombie Movies, my leather jacket, my car, Moog, the little amount of friends i have, and music.

What kind of music you ask? ALOT. im very versatile, heres a list of bands i prefer in no particular order:

Don’t Know, Huntingtons, Joy Electrical, Training For Utopia, Spitfire, *Nsync, Britney Spears, Danielson Family, Johnny Cash, Michelle Branch, Ramones, Luxury, Joe Christmas, Havalina Rail Co., White Trash Incorporated, Stryper, im too lazy to list them all but basically i liek ALOT of crap. from country, to pop, to metal, to punk, to synth pop. its all good. as long as i can pump my fist. 😛

Right now i just moved into an apartment with my cousin. We’re doing good so far. We need to keep up bills and all will be good. Basically all we do is watch dvds and play video games all day and night. its pretty redundant but im ok with that. moovviinngg on…. i normally go to the rock n roll show probably about 4 times a month? or more now that sandy bugs me evry week “go to this, go to that” and youd have to see this face, its too hard to say no to. since there are no shows in town i gotta C-O-M-M-U-T-E so since my car is a gas guzzler i only go to like the really necessary shows. I tell everyone i dont care about the local scene but i just say that to get reactions. WE do have some good bands around here. Muddy Chucks are good….Agony Scene f’in kick me in the groin. Electronic Church is great. And soon hopefully ill have an electronic thing going on too and FWTA will be up taking the stage. my goal with FWTA is to get signed to solid state and rock n roll a lil bit then put out a concept album….there will be a Joy Electrical cover on this album. We will all study modes of propaganda and through this album…and its supporting tour… every solid state fan and band will “mysteriously” buy all teh Joy Electrical cds they can find. itll be a feeding frenzy at the stores. crazy stuff. i hate musical barriers. so what he uses a keyboard and they sound liek they dont know how to play their instruments….its all music. Zao, Joy Electrical, its all rock n roll. so theres that. FWTA will start out as a noise band on the local scene and slowly mature and re-invent ourselves to be a pretty decent band i hope. that is if i can ever get to the point of not being scared and actually bring one of my ideas to fruitation =) never happens. oh well im out, The rest of the posts will be better. like that novel thing again or whatever =)